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OBAMA: against outsourcing?

I used to read news a lot but then I got tired reading the same scenario over and over again. Who wouldn’t when all you will read about are the same old story….one pulitiko will find something about another…announce it to the whole dung world…people will take notice and it will be the center of attention…that is until another pulitko comes up with another dirty thing about the other…its actually a cycle…a very vicious one at that. Another scenario, we learn something that the first family, GMA or FG has done… again, its BIG news. The next morning, something happens and we forget about the other news. Cover-up? Most likely, YES. So, who wants to read the news? Anyway, every now and then I get the urge to read…and I was sad to read about this. I am not an Obama fan. I am not a Bill Clinton fan. But, for now I like Hillary. I think she has more balls than her husband ever has. This news gave me more reason not to like Obama….although, there’s not much difference between Obama and Cli