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Reminders For My Teenage Son

The other day I had a discussion with my 13 year old son about his blatant disregard for my instructions and the PDRRMC Advisory 2:  “Even in the absence of signals from Pagasa and in view of emerging consensus that the rains are likely further accelerate, for the safety and health of our community, we hereby order the EARLY DISMISSAL OF CLASSES in Kinder, Elementary and Highschool, private and public, in the entire province of Albay. School administrators and teachers should advise their students to no longer report in the afternoon. Parents are advised to fetch their children from school. This is an early dismissal, not a suspension, thus classes automatically resume tomorrow without need for lifting. I came home from the office earlier than he did and so I talked to him. He was silent and at first I thought he understood why I was very mad about it. But then when he replied to me with three suggestions including transferring him to the school in our town so he would not be able to h

25 Manners You Should Teach Your Kids

While reading some parenting articles, I read this one article about manners that I knew I had to blog about it. Kids are easy enough to teach manners, it's actually following it up that sucks. Because when they see somebody else doing something really gross but funny they tend to do the same thing...that is when it's crucial to say it is wrong. If they get away with it even just once then they will do it again. Pin It Parents tend to let them get away with it, especially when they do it in public and some people find it hilarious. Make no mistake about it, there are people who find it really funny when a kid burps so loud, well, this still falls under manners right? Seriously though, at my age, I still tell my dad where am going and how late I will be home and I expect my son to do the same thing...for me that is simple courtesy. And up until now, I remind my son to say thank you (he does say thank you normally but sometimes when busy he seems to forget). Not reminding h