Are You Ready For The El Clasico? My late post...

I think that all Madridistas are thirsty for a win over Barcelona and tomorrow...

That was supposed to be my intro for my blog update last Friday in time for the El Clasico the next day but then I wasn't able to finish it...had to write my articles first as well as the reports before I could give a take on one of the most exciting matches of all time. 

Friends, and blog readers, know that I have always been a Madridista...long before Azkals came and even when Manchester United was on everybody favorite football team. While I am still a Madridista, I have opened my heart and my loyalty to 2 other teams: the Philippine Azkals because I am a Filipino and I am proud that we now have a National Team, and FC Schalke 04 because Raul my ultimate football fave is now with Schalke. I felt bad when he left and felt let down by what I felt was set down by my own team to one of their legends but still I held on. Real Madrid hasn't been winning much the past years so much so that the younger generation knows more about FC Barcelona and Messi...but like I have always said...I am a Madridista for life. And it lives on as my son is now a Madridista too.

As you all know Barcelona won 3-1 and as much as I hate it, there are other games/matches in the league and there's the triumph, in defeat, Hala Madrid!

Spain Wins Davis Cup for the Fifth Time

After a long drought for Rafael Nadal, it was quite nice to see him help the Spanish Armada - together with Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco, Marcel Granollers, and team coach Albert Costa - win the Davis Cup for Spain against Argentina.

Below is the video of him against one of his bffs Pico Monaco on the first day of Davis Cup, which of course he won. It was great to see him play so passionately again...the past matches have been plagued with illness and the likes and I am always gutted to see him so sad. He has admitted though that the next year will be better for him....which the fans are all waiting for.

On the very last match of the very last pro tennis event on the calendar he played against Argentina's del Potro. He was in a position to clinch the win for Spain and he came through. The game was not all win for him as he played at the first game of the match without a win in the service game. It was only when he was down 6-1, 2-0 when he roared back to even the match and then whent down again until he won the fourth-set tiebreaker.

What I noticed again is how gracious Rafa is in defeat as well as in triumph. This is one attitude that I have observed over and over again which I have tried to impart to my son. As his teammates celebrate his win, and therfore the win of Spain, he went to console del Potro and the Aregentina team, even kissing Pico on his cheek. Such a sweet gesture for one of the best tennis players in the world. Wish he could teach that to Nole. 

An hour after the victory of Spain, their fifth world team crown, Rafael Nadal announced that he will not be playing in 2012 since it is an Olympic year.  He said: 
'Next year I will not play. Next year is a very complex year. It's an Olympic year.
'I have been, for many years, one of the players that plays the highest number of games in a year, and I don't want to over play.
'So next year, since it's an Olympic year, my participation in the Davis Cup is impossible.
'Thank God Spain has a good level of players, and there are many good players that will replace us that play really high-level tennis.'
Then we will just see you at the Australian Open next year and hope you get that No 1 slot from Nole again.

Happy Birthday JSM!

On the first day of December, fourteen years ago, I got an early Christmas gift. Up until now, and most likely until the end of time, it remains to be the best gift I ever got. Can literally say he was a big, bouncing baby boy but boy was he also expensive. He is what my beloved ob-gyne calls my miracle baby since a year before that I had a miscarriage and an operation to remove my left ovary was done. Only a small portion of my right ovary was free from ovarian cyst but my doc painstakingly removed the worse off it which took her almost four hours to do. As of my last check up before I reported back to my office back in 1997 I wasn’t fertile enough to get pregnant. But the good Lord had other plans for me and gave me this blessing.

The past 14 years is something I cherish, it wasn't always smooth sailing and there are some things I regret but, the one thing that I can say I truly don’t regret 100% is having my son. So anything related to that fact may be a little painful but if it hadn't happened then I wouldn't have my son. Not bitter, just saying….

Poems have been a way for me to show you how much you mean to me, I remember I sent you a Valentine's card when you were younger and I asked your teacher to give it to you. Gone are those days...I don't think you would appreciate it if I do that today. But if there is one thing I really am grateful is the fact that you have remained truly grounded, a thoughtful and ever-loving son.

Last year I shared with you My Wish by Rascall Flatts, today I give you a lovely poem by Susan Polis Schutz:

My Son, Live Life to the Fullest
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Dreams can come true if you take the time to
think about what you want in life ....
Get to know yourself.
Find out who you are.
Choose your goals carefully.
Be honest with yourself.
But don't think about yourself so much
that you analyze every word and action.
Find many interests and pursue them.
Find out what you are good at,
and don't be afraid to make mistakes.
Work hard to achieve success.
When things are not going right
don't give up -- just try harder.
Find courage inside of you to remain strong
Give yourself freedom to try out new things
Don't be so set in your ways that you can't grow
Always act in an ethical way
Laugh and have a good time
Form relationships with people you respect
Treat others as you want them to treat you
Be honest with people
Accept the truth
Speak the truth
Open yourself to love
Don't be afraid to love
Remain close to your family
Take part in the beauty of nature
Be appreciative of all that you have
Help those less fortunate than you
Try to make others lives happy
Work towards peace in the world
Live life to the fullest
My son dreams can come true
and I hope that all your dreams become a reality
I love you.

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