Are You Ready For The El Clasico? My late post...

I think that all Madridistas are thirsty for a win over Barcelona and tomorrow...

That was supposed to be my intro for my blog update last Friday in time for the El Clasico the next day but then I wasn't able to finish it...had to write my articles first as well as the reports before I could give a take on one of the most exciting matches of all time. 

Friends, and blog readers, know that I have always been a Madridista...long before Azkals came and even when Manchester United was on everybody favorite football team. While I am still a Madridista, I have opened my heart and my loyalty to 2 other teams: the Philippine Azkals because I am a Filipino and I am proud that we now have a National Team, and FC Schalke 04 because Raul my ultimate football fave is now with Schalke. I felt bad when he left and felt let down by what I felt was set down by my own team to one of their legends but still I held on. Real Madrid hasn't been winning much the past years so much so that the younger generation knows more about FC Barcelona and Messi...but like I have always said...I am a Madridista for life. And it lives on as my son is now a Madridista too.

As you all know Barcelona won 3-1 and as much as I hate it, there are other games/matches in the league and there's the triumph, in defeat, Hala Madrid!

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