Dream Come True: KRIS ALLEN is the 2009 American Idol

After more than a hundred calls via my cellphone, I was able to contribute to Kris Allen's victory in the Season 8 American Idol. I kept myself updated with the voting process and that is why I was able to copy the instructions from Kris Allenation blog. And much to my surprise and of course delight, I found out that I could vote using my cellphone. And thus while Gizmo was down, I use my cell to call the toll-free number given for Kris Allen...(btw, these numbers are still stored in my phonebook). When it was getting hot, my 11 year old son took over for me and I went to my PC to try Gizmo again. My niece then decided to try and use her fone to also call the numbers for Kris....and she was able to put in 87 votes...she would shout every time she got a call thru. And so the next day, we were all crossing our very sore fingers that Kris Allen would win....and he did.

For the 2nd year in a row...I won, lol.

How to vote overseas, multiple methods in the US

Tips for Voting on American Idol:

If you are calling the number (1-866-IDOLS-XX):

* The phone lines tend to jam up directly after the show finishes and oftentimes you'll get a busy signal. Don't be discouraged, keep voting and your calls will likely get through as the voting period progresses.
* If you have a cell phone and a home phone, try calling for both. You don't have to talk with anyone to vote, so you can just continue to re-dial on either phone for the duration of the two hours.
* It's a toll free number, so you shouldn't have to worry about phone charges.

In addition to calling, you can Vote 3 different ways online (maybe all at once if you're so inclined.)

If you're living abroad, or if you can't make the call from a phone you can call for free ONLINE by following the directions below:

* You can use Skype (works for International and US)
* or Gizmo5 (works for International and US):
* or Dial Idol (works for only US residents):

Try testing the softwares with Google's Toll-Free number:

American Idol numbers are also toll-free so if you succeed in calling Google, you would also be able to call in to vote for Kris.

For this post, I would like to thank my reference for anything KRIS....the # 1 Kris Allen fansite


When I first saw the results night on the final 2, all I could remember was that Kris Allen was in the final 2. When I saw the replay, it was just then that I realized that he was really the first one to be safe. Everything is being done to make sure that Kris Allen wins the game....I really hope he wins....regardless, we all know how good he is and I definitely will buy his album.

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