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What You Are Today Is A Tribute To Your Teachers

Very recently Matt Damon gave a speech thousands of teachers, parents and others who attended the Save Our Schools march on the Ellipse near the White House to protest the Obama administration’s education policies that are centered on standardized tests. While this has nothing to do with the education here in our country, I just had to commend and thus blog about Matt Damon’s stand. I also do not feel it is right that the salaries of teachers, whether here or in other countries, should depend on the results of the standardized tests of the school children. While I certainly hope that children all learn to read and write because their children were concerned about them learning we have to agree that children have different learning capabilities. There are different ways to teach a child and one style would not work for all. Children’s learning process does not run the same way. Some may learn fast while others need special attention. Some may learn easily in groups while others may wa