Live fully

I shall pass this way but once; any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show - let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

While cleaning up, I saw this passage again after such a long time. I remember that when I was in college I used to carry a piece of paper with this quote or passage, it was actually from my father and it meant a lot to me. I used to tell myself to smell the roses and I did, I used to care and I was happy most when I was helping out others. I used to think that I will always be like that, I will treasure every moment with my family, cherish the job I had that allow me to help empower my "kababayan"....but it was not to be.

Our life right now is so fast-paced that even eating is considered to be so much time-consuming...hence, the fast food where you can just order food, eat and leave as soon as you're done without any worries about the dishes, somebody's going to do it for you. We work very hard to get to the goal we want for our family and your young children...only to realize that they are now over 20 and they don't know you. You missed the small moments when they were young that will forever be gone because you can never take back the time. So, let me ask you, who were you working so hard for?

Everything is a rush, rush, want to finish school and leave your house to work and be independent. You were working hard and playing hard that you never had the time to visit your parents or even call them just to say Hi. And now you're here....and they're gone. When was the last time you said Thank you or I love you or I'm sorry for that matter?

There are so many memories to be made...and few of them will make an indelible impression on our brains...because we didn't savor each moment, not when it was there. Only when it's too late...then you wish for it.

Whether you are a daughter or son, a mother or father, a sister or brother, a fully. Appreciate what you have right now....kiss your son or daughter while they are young because time will come when they wont let you, go to their Little League where they can show off to you, hug them every time, any them that they are truly loved - this will make them grow-up positive and with self-esteem. Let them be kids with muddy hands and feet, let them explore...they are kids just but once, let them be teen-agers, you know how it felt because you were once a teen-ager. Give them the chance to do the things they really want to do, grow up the way they want to and simply give them chance to soar in their own time and in the way they know how. If you have guided them pretty well, they can never go wrong.

Don't take your wife, husband or lover for granted. Enjoy the silly and stupid moments or ignore it especially if it does not make a huge splash on your relationship. Hug them, love them, kiss them like there is no tomorrow, like it's the last time you are going to because it might just never know where life takes you.

Smell the roses or the daisies...appreciate it to the others when you can because you never know when that help has a ripple don't choose who to help, you just do.

Like I said, I held this passage dear to me....but I forgot what it meant and I let some things pass me by, I enjoyed my life but still there were things I wish I could have done better...I regret some things. And then my son came...I did not want to lose those few moments which I can never recover...and looking back at his pictures...I am glad, doubly glad, I was there for him. In time he will grow...and leave me for college and for work and for his new family but I have the memories I made with him to hold on to. I know that when the time comes I will be strong enough to let him go and soar wherever, whenever, however he wants to, God willing.

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