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Things A Son Should Know Before He Turns 18 and Leaves Your Side

Family and friends know how much I love making lists. From list of things to do to list of things to live by and lists of what to buy today or in the near future. I write articles with all kinds of lists that have included the list of the most beautiful liberal art colleges to smart and beautiful politicians and even the most worthy WAGS. So when I read an article with a list of what one mom believed she must give/teach her son, I loved it. Though I do not remember if it was a blog post or an article but it certainly stayed in my mind and I vowed that one day I would make one for my son. As my son grows older there is a certain satisfaction in me because we have come this far but there is also a degree of fear that my kind of rearing may have done a damage or two. Looking at my son and how he interacts with society, I think I can give myself a pat because he turned out right. Still, I can’t help but worry that in the future he might make a mistake. Am not saying he is not entit