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Azkals Finally Meets Myanmar White Angels

After winning over Mongolia Blue Wolves with an aggregate score of 3-2, the Philippine Azkals were able to join the group stage of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup where they will play against Myanmar, Palestine and Bangladesh. The first game against Myanmar was yesterday, March 21st and fans were totally disappointed when it was not aired live so they had to make do with getting the latest information over Twitter. At least the tweets showed the updates though as Dyan Castillejo tweeted it was kind hard for them too since internet was not working that well. The one thing that was a problem in Mongolia that resulted in having a winter team wear for Azkals was not a problem in Myanmar since we almost have the same weather. The absence of Neil Etheridge was not felt in Myanmar but it certainly made you want to see him in action again. For a comprehensive report and analysis of the game, please see other sources such as Craig Burrows and Ron Moore's PinoyFootball

Azkals win on 3-2 aggregate score, advance to meet Myanmar

Azkals win on 3-2 aggregate score, advance to meet Myanmar By Odi M. de Guzman, GMA News 03/15/2011 | 02:54 PM The stingy Azkals defense came into play in the second half as they denied Mongolia any more goals to seal their advance in this pre-qualifying round where they go up against Myanmar next on March 21. Despite the 1-2 loss to Mongolia Tuesday in the 2nd leg of their AFC Challenge Cup pre-qualifying match in freezing Ulan Bator, the Azkals enjoyed an aggregate 3-2 lead courtesy of their 2-0 win during the 1st leg in Bacolod last month. The aggregate lead was enough to get the job done for the Azkals to advance. They will be playing Myanmar next. At the end of the first half, the Azkals trailed Mongolia's Blue Wolves 1-2 in the 2nd leg of their 2012 AFC Challenge Cup pre-qualifying match in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Despite the freezing temperature, the Azkals - came out smoking as James Younghusband scored at the three-minute mark but the Blue Wolves equalized righ

AZKALS Ready For The 2nd Leg Against Mongolia Blue Wolves

Image Source: Life's My Trip Despite the very strong earthquake in Japan that destroyed lives and infrastructure, the Filipinos are still as focused as ever with the second leg of the AFC Challenge Cup where the Philippine National football team duels with Mongolia Blue Wolves. Fans were worried about the situation of the Azkals especially because they were in Japan when the earthquake occurred. It’s a good thing that members of Azkals also kept Filipinos informed with their situation and continuously tweeted updates. Simon Greatwich and Jason Sabio were not able to join them in Japan but had to make do with sleeping at the airport. The trip to Mongolia took longer than the usual travel time, almost 24 hours, since the major earthquake caused a big disruption in transportation services. Finally, around 4am Sunday the Azkals arrived Ulan Bator and met a chilling response. Not from the fans but from the Mongolian climate which was around -20 degrees Celsius. Mongolia’s temperature wa