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Philippine National Football Team Wins Over Defending Champion Vietnam

The Philippine national football team shocked the 40,000 Vietnam fans and stunned the defending champion when the former won 2-1 in the recent ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup at the My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi. Considered to be the underdog, the weakest team compared to the other teams, the Philippine football team certainly gave everyone a surprise. It certainly was a team effort but names that stand out are Chris Greatwich who scored the opening goal in the 38 th minute, goalkeeper Neil Etheridge who repeatedly fended off attempts from the Vietnamese team to make a goal and the goal that sealed the victory was made by Phil Younghusband with 10 minutes remaining to the game. Now, they are a force to reckon with as they battle with Myanmar on Wednesday. Winning over Myanmar would advance them to semi-finals and a chance to win the Cup. The Philippines has always been a basketball nation and who are just starting to appreciate associated football is definitely giving the enthusiasts,