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Advocacy: Global Newborn Health #newborn2013

It has been 15 years since I gave birth to my baby boy - Jean-Sijent. Friends and readers know how often I talk about him on and about the advises (aka warnings) I love to discuss here.  Everything happens for a reason they say but back in 1996 when I had a miscarriage with my first baby, I did not believe that at first. It was only after my doctor discovered an ovarian cyst and realized I needed a surgery did I believe. After less than a year, I got pregnant again despite the fact that my ob-gynecologist said I was not that fertile enough. Because of my situation, I was really very careful and I was taken care of really well by Dr. Anne Goingo. I was lucky that she gave me all the time and attention because there were complications on my part. And most importantly, my son was born healthy and without complications. Not all newborns are fortunate to be born that way. Unfortunately for my brother, he and my sister-in-law had some problems with their 2nd baby. On the 3rd day, my n

Boston Marathon 2013 - #PrayForBoston

I did not have the time to watch the news this morning as I was running late...but then I heard the words: explosion, Boston Marathon, injured, dead...the numbers were not very clear. As soon as I got into my PC, I checked twitter...where I knew I could easily get the updates. Reading about the explosion was bad enough, but it was more when you get to hear more about those that were personally affected, like the girl who is said to have been killed while running for her cause or the guy who was planning to propose to her girl after her run...he was waiting for her at the finish line. I really feel for this guy, don't ever take for granted anything you have cause nothing last forever #prayforboston… — Nick Hannon (@Nhannon1104) April 15, 2013 It gutted me to read about these things...but still it makes you feel good at the reaction of the they stood strong and helped in the only way they could. Sometimes the news is so devastating t

Kate Winslet's What If

What If Here I stand alone With this weight upon my heart And it will not go away In my head I keep on looking back Right back to the start Wondering what it was that made you change Well I tried But I had to draw the line And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind What if I had never let you go Would you be the man I used to know If I'd stayed If you'd tried If we could only turn back time But I guess we'll never know Many roads to take Some to joy Some to heart-ache Anyone can lose their way And if I said that we could turn it back Right back to the start Would you take the chance and make the change Do you think how it would have been sometimes Do you pray that I'd never left your side What if I had never let you go Would you be the man I used to know If I'd stayed If you'd tried If we could only turn back time But I guess we'll never know If only we could turn the

Real Men Treat Women With Respect

This video caught my eye on tumblr recently. My fellow Madridistas are young and I often see what's important to them. It's nice that I get to see that men are not all a@$%holes....gotta show this to my son although, I can proudly say that I know he is one teen who treats women with respect, like he does me and all his aunts and my colleagues.