Boston Marathon 2013 - #PrayForBoston

I did not have the time to watch the news this morning as I was running late...but then I heard the words: explosion, Boston Marathon, injured, dead...the numbers were not very clear.

As soon as I got into my PC, I checked twitter...where I knew I could easily get the updates. Reading about the explosion was bad enough, but it was more when you get to hear more about those that were personally affected, like the girl who is said to have been killed while running for her cause or the guy who was planning to propose to her girl after her run...he was waiting for her at the finish line.
It gutted me to read about these things...but still it makes you feel good at the reaction of the they stood strong and helped in the only way they could. Sometimes the news is so devastating that you focus on the "bad" of some people...but these things makes you believe in the goodness of people amidst pain, devastation and terror. It makes you hopeful amidst the overwhelming kindness of your fellow human color, no race, no gender, no biases,no rich, no poor...we are all people....only human.

Despite the kindness and goodness...there are also those who want to take advantage of this goodness, so have a care when you give out your information:

To end this blog: a salute to the helpers, for each and everyone of you!

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