KONY 2012: Make Kony Famous


Make Joseph Kony famous. 

This is the new call to action by the non-profit organization Invisible Children whose mission is to educate people about the ongoing war in Central Uganda, who wants to make the world's worst living criminal famous so that people will know and care enough to bombard policymakers in doing something to stop Kony and his army.

Over the past 26 years, Kony has abducted more than 30,000 children. He and his army rapes the girls and turns them into sex slaves. He arms the little boys with guns and forces them to become foot soldiers and do horrible things including killing their own parents. They mutilate people's face by cutting off their nose, ears and lips.

As a mother I can only imagine the horror their parents are experiencing. 

So I am making a stand and I am counting on you to help me. Let us all work towards a better tomorrow for our children. By showing the world who Joseph Kony is and what diabolic and perverse atrocities he has been doing. By reminding our policymakers, our government that even if our country is not threatened by Kony himself, still we need to act and stop something that we utterly know is wrong. By participating in our Make Kony Famous campaign.

To know more, you can go to the following sites:
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Watch, share, and sign-up. Volunteer, donate,and get the KONY 2012 Action Kit which you can use on April 20, 2012 when people from all walks of life in different cities of the world cover the night with posters and stickers of Joseph Kony to Make KONY Famous.

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