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American Idol's DavidA vs David C

I have actively watched American Idol since it started this season. During the auditions I was rooting for Ramielle simply because she is a Filipina. Then I heard her sing and knew she would make it big. Unfortunately, she was not able to make the best of her voice or her vocal range. She really has a good and big voice. Since then, I have watched every episode, seen how each contestant was critiqued by the judges. Sometimes it felt right but there were times I could see an underlying favoritism on some judges. David Archuleta has a lot going for him, he is charming, good-looking and very young. But, David C is a better Idol. His choices has shown us the depth of his voice. He can croon a mellow tune with the grace of a balladeer but he can also rock you with the raw and grit of his voice. If the final decision lies on the judges and the contestant itself.....DAVID COOK is certainly the AMERICAN IDOL!

Being a Godmother

Just this morning I stood as a godmother to the son of my friend Tess. Becoming a godmother is not just about giving gifts on special occasions. When you accept this title, you also accept the responsibility that goes with it. Meaning you will become a 2nd mother to him. Christian Matthew is a very cute and lovable child and I am privileged to be given the title of being his godmother