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Reserve Your Cup

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Real Madrid, 2011 Copa del Rey Champion!

No to Provocative Kids' Apparel!

Just this morning a friend of mine sent me a Skype message with a link. Typical of me, I started reading an article by LZ Granderson for CNN. The title read ‘ Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps and because I am a parent’ and feel the same way I read on. While he was describing what caught his eye at the airport, I was thinking he was talking about a 16 year old teenager. He was describing an 8 year old girl to be wearing a halter top that showed her midriff paired with a tight sweatpants that rested just a little low on her waist with the word “Juicy” written on the pants backside. Her lips were pink and shiny from the lip gloss with her long hair braided ala Bo Derek in the movie 10 and wearing dangling earrings. While I was trying to picture his description, I really wasn’t that happy with what I was getting. While we want to make sure our kids look okay, trendy, cool but as a parent I do not feel it’s proper to let them wear skimpy outfits that show a lot of skin. Okay

A Parents Teachings

I was reading a blog This slice of life... about the nettle season when I went to read the other posts. I found the mom-isms really funny because I could relate to it....yes, funny it may be but more often than not it comes out of my mouth, too. The reason it's funny is because though it may sound true (or is it?) sometimes there is really no logic to it. It feels like it was said perfectly at that time for that particular moment or specific time but when you think about it you wonder where it really came from. Then one of the comments from Granddad made me really laugh and goes like this: " If you fall out of that tree and break your leg, then don't come running to me !" ...See where's the logic in that?...of course if the kid breaks his or her leg, he or she would not be able to come running towards you. When I was told that as a kid, I remember answering "of course I wont because I will be flat on my back" and Amy in her green hospital scrubs would

Soccer Practice Under The Sun

Summer vacation has officially started here in the Philippines and so my son is already in summer mode. Last Saturday, he asked permission to practice soccer in school. Yes, he still asks my permission and for a 13 year old that is quite something else. Anyway, he said it was supposed to be a practice in the morning only and will be home by lunch. Lunch came and went but still no son. Okay, maybe the practice went on in the afternoon. My father was asking already if he texted that he was going to be late and I had to reply no, since he had not sent any message. Dinner came and went, still no Sijent. Sent several text messages, called him up and his phone rung but got no answer. I was forced to text one of his teammates since my father kept asking me the situation. It's a Saturday and there would be less jeepneys available blahblahblah. I was getting worried but texting his teammate is always my last recourse...a good thing I took those numbers. Good thing he replied (and I thanked