How to vote overseas, multiple methods in the US

Tips for Voting on American Idol:

If you are calling the number (1-866-IDOLS-XX):

* The phone lines tend to jam up directly after the show finishes and oftentimes you'll get a busy signal. Don't be discouraged, keep voting and your calls will likely get through as the voting period progresses.
* If you have a cell phone and a home phone, try calling for both. You don't have to talk with anyone to vote, so you can just continue to re-dial on either phone for the duration of the two hours.
* It's a toll free number, so you shouldn't have to worry about phone charges.

In addition to calling, you can Vote 3 different ways online (maybe all at once if you're so inclined.)

If you're living abroad, or if you can't make the call from a phone you can call for free ONLINE by following the directions below:

* You can use Skype (works for International and US)
* or Gizmo5 (works for International and US):
* or Dial Idol (works for only US residents):

Try testing the softwares with Google's Toll-Free number:

American Idol numbers are also toll-free so if you succeed in calling Google, you would also be able to call in to vote for Kris.

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