Chasing away the clouds

Although I have led a happy life, there were also days that I felt down and worse, when I wanted to simply give up. One of the best things that helped me aside from family and closest friends were my special book was a gift from an aunt. The book is entitled Chasing Away the Clouds by Douglas Pagels and it basically helps you find your way through a dark moment in your life. Am glad that I always had this book with me because there had been a lot of reasons I needed a nudge or two like when I was feeling discouraged or when I was having a hard time accepting or dealing with the change. Over the years, I have learned that we all need a helping hand or a simple reassurance. We each have a different way of processing situations and reacting to it, we have different coping mechanisms. Me, I prefer to believe that we can overcome any situation, and that there is a new day for all of us, no matter what. And this book by Douglas Pagels played a part in that belief because his words and advices provided a much-needed blend of wisdom, care and optimism that will surely let you know that there is hope and a new day, and that everything will be okay.

Here is a poem from Douglas Pagels that I have read over and over again….it gave me strength when I was feeling so weak, it gave me love when I felt unloved, it showed me hope when I felt everything was over…I am sharing this poem with you and I hope that it will give you the encouragement it gave me, calm all your fears, and make you believe the mantra that there are brighter days ahead and yes, the morning sun is shining…just for you.


Difficulties arise in the lives of us all.
What is more important is dealing with
the hard times, coping with the changes,
and getting through to the other side
where the sun is still shining just for you.

It takes a strong person to deal with
tough time and difficult choices. But
You are a strong person. It takes ccourage.
But you possess the inner courage to see
you through. It takes being an active
participant in your life. But you are in
the driver’s seat, and you can determine
the direction you want tomorrow to go in.

Hang in there… and take care to see
that you don’t lose sight of the one
thing that is constant, beautiful, and
true: Everything will be fine ----and it
will turn out that way because of the
special kind of person you are.

So…beginning today and lasting a
lifetime through ---- hang in there, and
don’t be afraid to feel like the morning
sun is shining….just for you.

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