Cheering For Real Madrid

My son, an avid fan of Miami Heat, has taken a sabbatical from basketball. He has changed his sportwear uniforms from basketball jerseys to soccer uniforms and spike shoes. It started when their school has the intramurals and he wanted to play basketball. Unfortunately, as he is in his first year and not as tall as the older students, he was not chosen. Since I am an associated football fan I have long been encouraging him to try it out. This time with no sport to play he enlisted in the soccer team. Since then he has been playing soccer, changed his wallpaper with Real Madrid’s logo. His FaceBook account now has Raul Blanco Gonzales, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and many more as pages he likes. Since I am a fan of El Siete when he was still in Real Madrid, I have been always been a Madridista, I still am. But my allegiance is and always will be with Raul so now that Raul is in FC Schalke, I root for Schalke. But because he has always heard and seen me as a Madridista, by default, my son is Real Madrid fan. Now he uses my account on e-Madridista to get the latest update, download wallpapers and all that stuffs.

The main difference between basketball and soccer is that in basketball height plays a crucial role. Of course the skill is something that can be learned on both sports. But I have been insisting that there is no harm in trying out new sports. One would never be able to really discover where his strength lies if he does not try. And I want my son to be able to know his strengths and weaknesses, his abilities and limitations, and most of all where he is happy. I think that is all what a mother wants for his son. So, whatever sportswear uniforms he wears, I will support him. And have tried to instill in him loyalty to the team, love for the sports, doing his best, and learning from wins and losses.

Just yesterday he asked my help to get the different home and away uniforms of the Los Blancos. To show him that I really did it, here it is:

The Different Teamwear of Real Madrid
(HomeKit, Away Kit, UEFA Home Kit, UEFA Away Kit)

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