Kid Playing with the Otter

I have been wanting to update my blog but my work has been pretty hectic that I haven't been able to do so. I promised myself I would write about our Clan Reunion but after a few start had to forego for the rush tasks...whew, some took time coz it really was not my forte.

Had to embed this though because I needed to share this video of a really cute kid in red t-shirt running first you would think he is just running but then you will notice the otter racing along with him. Coincidence? Nah! See when the kid suddenly turns around, the otter does the same thing and the kid turns around again abruptly, like he was faking it out, and so does the otter. Love hearing the kid's laughter and of course the people around him found it really funny, too. With kids these days so focused on the Net and videos it is nice to see the fun there is still in visiting the zoo as well as the innocent fun a child could have with an animal.

As summer is almost gone here in the Philippines, I wished we could have had the time to visit the zoo (there is only 1 zoo in our place)but then the kids were all busy with their sports activities like soccer and basketball. My niece and nephew joined the soccer clinic that was sponsored in our town and though they did not have a complete sports apparel they still enjoyed playing. And they love the fact that they received a shirt from our town's football club. And of course with the hot days of summer swimming was something they really asked for.

Of course, I fervently hope that someday they will also have the time to experience what the young kid did...I just wonder if they would feel the same enjoyment the kid had with the otter. See for yourself how the otter raced with the little boy in red.

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