First saw this poem at the clinic of my son’s pediatrician, liked it and remembered to bring something so I could copy it the next time I went there because the poem said it all. Parents want the best for their children but we are not equipped with how to properly rear our children and yes, we can only follow what our parents did with us. The question is do we remember all the rights things that they did? What about the wrong things we promised we wouldn’t do when we grew up? Both my parents were good people but of course they each have their own limitations and grew apart. The best thing that I can do is get the best from all of it I order that I can provide the best for my son – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and physically. That was my motto for a long time.

With so much to do and so little time, we tend to forget what is more important. We become so focused in being able to provide the best financially, give our children all the best and the latest, send him to the best school so that he may wear the same private school uniforms you did, get him the latest techie toy and many more that we forget it is not money that our children want. Here is a poem that gives us an idea about what is really important in our childrens lives and helps us create what the author says are special moments, small and memorable moments that gives the most impactful experiences for our children. 

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Teach me to love and care for myself
Through your own positive example.
I'll learn from all of your actions,
And grow to have good self-care.

Notice me often,
Taking joy in my very existence.
I'll grow up knowing I'm special,
And help others to feel the same.

Listen to me with empathy,
Have an open and loving heart.
I'll know I'm seen and heard,
And grow to be a good listener.

Acknowledge me often,
And tell me what you appreciate.
I'll know that I am worthy,
And learn to acknowledge others.

Laugh and have fun with me often,
Be affectionate every day.
I'll play and enjoy my life,
And bring more joy to others.

Teach me to be disciplined,
And correct me with kindness.
I'll lead a life of dignity,
With the pride of self-respect.

Allow room for me to grow,
To make mistakes & have opinions.
I'll learn to be independent,
And trust in my own judgment.

Stay interested in learning,
And following your dreams.
I'll pick up your enthusiasm,
And be inspired to do the same.

Be honest and authentic,
And live your highest values.
I'll learn from your experiences,
And grow to have integrity.

Teach me to be of service,
And honor the differences in others.
I'll learn generosity of spirit,
And embrace all walks of life.

Focus on what's going right,
Have faith in troubled times.
I'll learn to be optimistic,
With gratitude for each new day.

Love me without condition,
Throughout my ups and downs.
I'll know that I am cherished,
And bring more love to the world.

by Diana Loomans & Julia Godoy

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