My Son's Sabbatical From Basketball is Over with Miami Heat on Finals

Friends and readers know that my son has always been a fan of the King and recently took a sabbatical from basketball to play soccer. But I have noticed that ever since Miami Heat has been doing good at the start of the season he has been taking notice of NBA and the King again.

He is back to following the games schedule as well as playing at the basketball court with his cousins every afternoon. There is no doubt he is back in the game because the other night I woke up with him standing on his bed and making motions like he was playing. I had to go and put him back on his bed because he was still asleep. And when I was telling the whole family about it, he was laughing coz he really didn't remember doing it.

Unfortunately for him, Miami Heat lost in Game 2: Final Score: Dallas 95 Miami 93

Well, I guess that is meant to make the finals more will be flocking to see the games more to see who will take the title.

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