Japan's Nadeshiko: A Picture of Hardwork, Resilience and Teamwork

Japan players celebrate with the trophy after winning the final match between Japan and the United States at the FIFA Women's Soccer World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, on Sunday. (Michael Probst/Associated Press)

Women's World Cup - so okay I was really rooting for USWNT or the US Womens National Team and they played really good but then again Japan played even better obviously.The victory of Japan brought great joy and pride to a country that has suffered and which continues to suffer from the effects of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which has killed a lot of its citizens. According to the players they were inspired by the resilience that their compatriots have shown as they continue top struggle with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. In the same way that the victory has inspired the survivors making them more optimistic with the future.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of negative comments from some Americans that brings to mind the relationship of Filipinos with football. While some, like me, have been soccer fans for quite sometime now, a typical Filipino knows the ins and outs of basketball. This is a country where you will see a basketball court in every town "plaza" and in every school or a basketball ring in every street intersection. The US has American football and baseball and basketball and they find soccer or associated football a little wimpy. Well, to each his own.

Still I say congratulations to USWNT and Japan's Nadeshiko for doing  a really swell job. The US Women's National Team handled their defeat with grace and can hold their heads high because they did everything to take home the cup. Japan's Nadeshiko gave not only pride by becoming the first Asian country to bring home the cup but also gave their fellowmen, especially those in Northern Japan, courage. Even the Prime Minister said so in his congratulatory message at the start of the Parliament session. 

And it is but right that Honare Sawa, skipper of the team, was given the Golden Boot for having scored the most number of goals in the competition. She was also adjudged the best player of the tournament and thus was picked out for the Golden Ball. And Goal.com also recognized her as:

World Player of the Week: Homare Sawa - Japan

Goal.com World Player of the Week #113: Homare Sawa
Club: INAC Kobe Leonessa  
Country: Japan
Age: 32
Role: Midfielder
Achievement: Inspired Japan to Women’s World Cup triumph

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