No to T-shirts With Sexist Messages

Been wanting to write about a lot of things but time has been running really fats for me…at the end of the day all I want to do is stretch out on my bed, put up my legs, and pray I get to sleep the soonest. But alas it isn’t possible with several kids wanting this or that. I have only one son but have several nieces and nephews. 

Yesterday though I saw this girl wearing what I thought was a one of those simple plain t-shirts only to realize there was a slogan on the front which was quite small I had to stare at it to read. Then I saw her looking at me, I guess waiting for my reaction which of course she didn’t have to wait for long. 

I gave her what my son calls my ‘tiger look’ or the ‘stare that could kill a thousand ships’…oh yes, my own son has different names for it. Going back to the girl…how would you as a mother or a woman feel when you see a girl wearing a t-shirt with ‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I have huge boobs.’ I did not give her a look because she did have a bigger boobs than me but what she has can already be seen, there is no need to advertise it in such a way that gives more people to stare longer than necessary.

And so I had to research about it and to my dismay there are stores that sell those kinds of shirts and no, this isn’t the first time and yes I am not alone. There have also been negative reactions over it and worse in Australia they had this store which sells baby clothes with ‘negative’ slogans on it. I just wonder why parents would buy their kids t-shirts that just demean us women. Am not simply talking feminist and the like but there are slogans that eggs on the much talked about sexualization of the young girls which I blogged about before. And there are t-shirts I would not like my nieces to wear or slogans I would not want to see on my son’s girlfriends shirts.
Demeaning slogan!


Take a look at some of the mild ones I saw that parents should ban from their children’s wardrobes. I don't dare put some of the really, really wild ones. The black one has the acronym WIFE on it with meanings like Washing, Ironing, F!****ng, Etc as if that's just the jobs of the wife. The last one is the worse for me because it belittles what hell the sexually abused experiences with a slogan like: It's not rape if you yell SURPRISE. 

Again this goes back to the topic I wrote about in my old post about provocative apparel, the one that tackled about the sexualization of young girls. Again, I have to reiterate that it is up to the parents to make sure what their children buy and wear. Parents are the ones who buy or give their money to their teens to buy and I do believe they  still have the right to challenge their children's choices. 

There are simple and cheap shirts in other good online shopping stores like Amazon and the like. Here are some examples:

District Threads Junior Womens Heathered Jersey Ringer Tee

District Threads Junior Womens Tick Stitch Tee Top

It's so nice to see young girls wear what is best suited to them...not act and look more mature than I am and wearing just enough...not too much that they look old and not too little that they show a lot of skin. Maybe, they would think I am a prude but I would rather see a young lady enjoying herself at being teen rather than on make-up, beauty tips, sexy clothes and boys. There is a proper time for that and too much too soon wont make them mature but just maybe they would face problems earlier than usual.

As I was writing this blog, I saw on the news about the victory over  JC Penney and American Apparel's as they decided to discontinue sale of controversial t-shirt with a message that reads: “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” Consumers, particularly parents, started making noise and one member of the online petition website Change.Org started a campaign with with the message: “Stop selling clothing with sexist messages for girls.”

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