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My son is already a healthy and handsome 15 year old and in his senior year in high school. Looking at him, you would not think that I had any problem giving birth to him. Or what I had experienced before I had him.

So, when I received an email from Mom Bloggers for Social Good and invited to share my birth story with Save the Children, as they present the 14th annual State of the World's Mothers Report, just in time for Mother's Day, I knew I just had to tell my own birth story. 

My son was actually my second pregnancy. The year before I got pregnant with him, I suffered a miscarriage at the first trimester. It was painful and a little discouraging, especially when it was discovered that I had an ovarian cyst, which might have also triggered my miscarriage. They said my left ovary was going to be removed and I was prepared for that...I knew I could still get pregnant with just one ovary. During the operation, my OB-Gyne discovered that the right ovary also had ovarian cyst. My ex-husband was okay for the removal of the right ovary, but my Ob-Gyne knew I wanted a child...and so she painstakingly removed the cyst to find a portion that was clear off it. It took her four hours to removed the damaged area, until only a small portion was left. She said it was just as small as the end of the shoelace or the aglet. She also told me that I could still get pregnant but further tests showed that I wasn't that fertile enough. And I believed her, and had faith that the good Lord would grant me my wish.

Six months after I was operated on and two months after my fertility test showed that I was not yet fertile enough to get pregnant, I did. Still worked for the NGO, and did the usual stuff for the next 9 months. My own ob-gyne could not believe it, she called my son my miracle baby. She knows the state I was in so she really was confounded by my pregnancy. Was very conscientious about prenatal care because I was scared and excited but had a lot of trust on my doctor that she would help me out with everything, God willing. I did not want anything to happen, again.

To be honest, both the pregnancy and the birth was very easy for me....painful but I also have a very high pain threshold, so that was okay. The first cry was music to my ears and I fell in love at first sight. It was on the next day that something happened. A vein burst inside and it was a good thing that my ob-gyne has always been conscientious and so I was not discharged that day. Had I gone home, I would have died, and left my son without a mom. 

I have always been grateful that I was given another chance to have a baby and another chance in life. I will always be grateful that I really have an excellent doctor, and all the facilities available. The Philippines may be a third world country but the cities have some of the most up-to-date hospitals and topnotch doctors. Not all the places in the Philippines have that. Some rural areas do not have hospitals or even clinics. They may not have stay-in doctors, some areas do have doctors who come in once a week or month. Or worse, no money to even have their pre-natal check-ups. Some do not even think they need any. 

But, I am glad that I knew enough to get all the right care both before birth and after. I will be forever thankful I had family support, the right healthcare support and everything that helps make giving birth a little easier.

In support with Mom Bloggers for Social Good and Save the Children, am sharing my birth story. It may not be as colorful as the other stories by other moms but I think what we all have in common is that we are all lucky to be in a better position to tell our stories. We lived to tell our stories, and we have our children with us.

My son is a healthy, intelligent and loving 15-year old, and he continues to light my life and his birth is something I will forever cherish. Not all have that and you can all read that in a report that Save the Children has released last May 7th. The State of the World's Mother Report compiles global statistics on the health of mothers and children, especially newborns, and they use this to determine the rankings of the best and worst places in the world to be a mother.

Here is a compelling video featuring Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly and other mothers as they share with us their  fears, experiences, and their #firstmoments with their own children.

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